All activities of the Club are organized by volunteers: leading canoe trips in summer and planning hikes, bowling, or special trips during the off-season. Volunteers make up all of our Standing Committees, looking after training, safety, equipment, programs, membership, and social events. Many of these volunteers already possess the needed skills, while others learn as they work. Without these people, most club activities would not happen.

Many members also take an interest in special projects which benefit the community:

  • Two days each year we clean up trails and riverbanks near the Boathouse.
  • We plan and implement improved river access along the local rivers.
  • There is ongoing work being done on our Legacy Project, the Pollinator Preserve, behind the Boathouse.[see “Initiatives”]
  • In the spring of 2010, one of our members researched the invasive weed, Garlic Mustard, which is currently taking over many areas along the Grand River and elsewhere.  Volunteers cleared this weed from the former dog park, now converted to the Pollinator Garden. Members have also battled this weed in many other places.
  • A group of members volunteer to maintain and improve the gardens at Lisaard House, a cancer hospice in the city. We the plant annuals, keep the weeds in check, and mulch all the flower and shrub gardens. We are currently ripping out old overgrown shrubs and replacing them with more select varieties. Most years we add to the numbers of bulbs and perennials.
The Mariners give their time and talents as well to organizations outside the Canoe Club, often helping out with programs at the Cambridge 50+ Centres.

Volunteering brings many rewards; much is accomplished, and we enjoy the friendships we make while working together. We all benefit from this love of being useful.