Safety is a prime consideration for the Ancient Mariners in all our activities.

A Safety Committee, consisting of eight to ten Mariners who have taken Red Cross first aid and CPR A level training, helps ensure the safety of club members.

The role of the Safety Committee is to:
• regularly review and update safety guidelines
• remind all club members to follow the safety guidelines
• serve as ‘sweep’ on club outings
• carry first aid kit, GPS unit, cell phone and radios on canoe trips and hikes
• provide first aid in case of an emergency

The Cambridge Fire Department is responsible for river rescues in this area. Our Safety Committee has participated in two simulated river rescues with the Fire Department to help them try out new rescue equipment.

To help ensure their own safety on canoe trips Mariners must:
• complete training and demonstrate paddling skills needed for specific river conditions
• wear a PFD - done up
• carry a whistle and an Emergency Contact/Medical Information card
• carry a dry pack with dry clothes suitable for the weather
• carry bailer, throw rope, and spare paddle in each canoe
• wear sun hat, sun screen and appropriate clothing
• bring plenty of drinking water
• stay with the group

Since its inception in 1988 the Ancient Mariners Canoe Club has had an exemplary safety record.  We are committed to maintaining the highest safety standards for all our members.