The Cambridge Pollinator Preserve

The Cambridge Pollinator Preserve was created by the Ancient Mariners Canoe Club. The Preserve is a site where the flowering plants that feed pollinators can grow and pollinators can live. Because different bees appear over the summer, plants were selected which maintain a continuous floral display from spring until fall. Flowering trees and shrubs provide nectar and pollen for the spring bees, while late summer pollinators rely on Goldenrod. Native wildflowers were planted through mulch-covered cardboard so that they can compete with the less desirable plants.

This site is a restored natural habitat, not a garden. It will never have the manicured orderly look of an ornamental flower plot. It receives no chemical additives and, other than some vigilance against non-native invasive species, it is not dependent on weed control. This site will allow pollinators, as well as other beneficial insects, to build up viable populations. By spreading to surrounding landscapes, they can pollinate a wide range of both wild and garden plants. 

The Education Centre aims to raise public awareness about the importance of insect pollinators to the ecology and food chain. It explains the pollination process and the threats. The walkways allow you to watch pollinators at work. Labels identify the trees and shrubs. The Preserve also attracts song birds and other wildlife. Observing the bees, flies, beetles and butterflies that visit flowers can provide the same naturalist experience as bird watching.  Visit the Preserve and see how many insects you can identify. 

The Cambridge Pollinator Preserve project is indebted to many individual volunteers,  and to all those organizations identified below who contributed to the development of the Education Centre and the surrounding pollinator habitat. 

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation  --  Region of Waterloo Environmental Stewardship Fund  --  RBC Blue Water Project  --  City of Cambridge  --  Cambridge City Green  --  Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory  --  Waterloo Stewardship Network  --  Ages Foundation Fund within the Cambridge North Dumfries Community Foundation  --  Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources  --  Union Gas  --  Grand River Conservation Foundation    --  Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada  --  Conestoga Rovers & Associates  --  Evergreen/MNR Community Tree Planting Grant Program --  Ancient Mariners Canoe Club

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